sreda, 03. junij 2009


Yes, former number one tennis player Carlos Moya was and still is the most popular tennis player in tennis tournament Umag. Why – that goes way back to the beginning of Umag tournament.

Carlos Moya turned proffesional in 1995. Just at the beginning of his career he got the Wild Card for Umag tournament. Unfortunatelly in first match he lost to Albert Berasateguij, but he was playing so great, that the director of Umag tournament predicted his way to success and said to him, that he will be one of the best players in the world. Later they became good friends, Moya was coming back in Umag at good and bad times - year after year. And prediction of Slavko Rabsberger came true – in 1999 Moya became the first Spanish player, who took the number one position in ATP. Of course, he also won Umag tournament – not once, he made it five times (till nowadays – first one in 1996, then three times in 2001, 2002 and 2003 and last one in 2007).

Umag tournament has some special energy, which made this tournament one of the most popular (smaller ones) at ATP tour. Players like it very much and people like it too. Really it is small tournament – the stadium except around 4000 people, but it is usually full all days of the tournament (not only at semi final or final). But if it is not totally full through the day, when the Carlos Moya´s match begins the seats are taken. I like Spanish players a lot, till few years ago Moya was not my favourite one – but when you are in Umag and if you love a real meaning of tennis play, it is really hard not to fall in love with him (not literaly). In the court you can feel his connection with people in Umag – and no matter who is standing against him (even if it is Croatian) the heart of stadium is with Moya. I think other players must have dilemmas – thinking that all people on court will be cheering for Moya, but on the other side they almost say that it is worth to lose the match in Umag against Moya – just to feel that special atmosfer in Umag………….


petek, 29. maj 2009


Yes, that the question? Director of Croatia Open, Slavko Rasberger always find some jokers. We are all waiting for the traditional press conference of 20th International Championship of Croatia in tennis - ATP Studena Croatia Open Umag 2009,which will be held on June 17th, 2009 beginning at 11:00 am in hotel "Westin", Zagreb.

What if this year we reach the stars and Rafa plays on Umag’s clay? Everything is possible.......
Some good croatian tennis players will probably be there like Ivan Ljubičič, Mario Ančič, Čilič, Karlovič.... Since the first year od tournament (final between Goran Prpić - Goran Ivanišević, Croatians are waiting for the win. Could it come this year?????

And who can imagine Croatia open Umag without Umag's favourite player Carlos Moya, who won his 5th tournament in Umag in 2007 (after winning in 1996, 2001. 2002, 2003).

Of course other tennis Spanish players must come too (like in the past) - Juan Carlos Ferrero, David Ferrer, Fernando Verdasco, Nicolas Almagro.

Do not forget young ones, who in the past years were starting at that tournament with WC like Novak Djoković, Juan Martin del Potro...........

YES, IT WILL BE GREAT TOURNAMENT (even if some players could not come this year). SEE YOU IN UMAG July 27 - August, 2 2009

četrtek, 28. maj 2009


On this blog I would like to write a little bit about tennis tournament in Umag. This year it will take place from 27 th July till 2 nd Avgust 2009.
Umag is a town on the north-west shore of Istria. Situated in a natural harbour, at the crose-roads of important traffic routes, it has developed itself into a well-known tourist and sports destination. We can freely say that this is the town of tennis as Umag can offer you even 64 tennis grounds.
Its natural beauties, the history and tradition of the old town of Umag and of the surrounding Istrian area, a warm Mediterranean climate with an abdunance of sunshine during the most months of the year and high quality hotels, camsites, apatments and bungalows make Umag an ideal vacation place fot the whole family. Beside of all that - Umag is widely known site of the international ATP tennis tournament, which will this year celebrate its 20 th anniversary.
And whole town is living for that tournament................