četrtek, 28. maj 2009


On this blog I would like to write a little bit about tennis tournament in Umag. This year it will take place from 27 th July till 2 nd Avgust 2009.
Umag is a town on the north-west shore of Istria. Situated in a natural harbour, at the crose-roads of important traffic routes, it has developed itself into a well-known tourist and sports destination. We can freely say that this is the town of tennis as Umag can offer you even 64 tennis grounds.
Its natural beauties, the history and tradition of the old town of Umag and of the surrounding Istrian area, a warm Mediterranean climate with an abdunance of sunshine during the most months of the year and high quality hotels, camsites, apatments and bungalows make Umag an ideal vacation place fot the whole family. Beside of all that - Umag is widely known site of the international ATP tennis tournament, which will this year celebrate its 20 th anniversary.
And whole town is living for that tournament................

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  1. I love this tennis tournament in Umag - my FAVORITE!